YouTube on Nougat: Our Recommendations

As we’ve previously noted, Nougat’s changes to user certificates has caused Advanced Protection to be less effective than normal. Since it’s our main tool for blocking YouTube ads, users have been disappointed in not seeing the same performance as before when browsing YouTube. We are still investigating ways to overcome this without rooting, but we have found some simple moves that will have an immediate impact.

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Did You Know Google Will Start Ranking Pages with Intrusive Ads Lower?

In the middle of last year, Google took steps to protect their search engine users. Besides their wishy-washy AMP initiative, Google has taken steps to remove malicious ads from front page results. Though that may be accomplished already with popular searches (e.g. Coca-Cola), it wasn’t uncommon for more esoteric searches to bring sketchy results. Most people don’t realize when malware infects their devices, so Google took it upon themselves (tragically lately so) to do something about it. Starting on January 10th, these changes will come into effect.

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