AdClear UI Release Update

Hello users!

By now, you’ve probably already updated to version 503621 with the UI update. Beta testing went well, but of course some problems reveal themselves only through numbers. If you’re experiencing any problems, please let us know through Help and Feedback.

We’re still polishing up some of the features, but they should be coming within the next few weeks. If you are in Beta, expect rapid updates while we put these new additions under the microscope. Our team is working round the clock, and they’re knocking out milestones daily. We should be on time to get the Firewall, Doze mode, and other UI enhancements out very soon.

Stay tuned!

Help Beta Test AdClear for iOS!

We have exciting news to share! AdClear for iOS is available to beta test! We would really appreciate your help in making sure AdClear is up to standard before it’s released to the public. Joining takes a few easy steps:

  1. Download the TestFlight app. This is Apple’s own application that allows developers to conduct beta tests.
  2. Sign up for the beta on our website. You must use your Apple ID email address.
  3. You’ll receive an email from us containing a code (note: It won’t be automatically sent. We’ll be sending them out in batches). Enter that code in TestFlight, and you’ll be able to download the app!

Keep us posted on any feedback you may have on either our GitHub page or via email at