Are You Really Dooming the Free Web by Using an Ad Blocker?

Of course not.

Users, if you feel any guilt about blocking ads, know that you can choose which apps and domains you want to support through AdClear’s App Management and Domain Whitelist screens. Most of our users do; perhaps because you are level-headed people and not the foaming-at-the-mouth barbarians the media paints you out to be. Framing users like this allows advertisers to say, ‘If we could just be civil we could figure this out.’ This oft-mentioned but never defined ‘civility’ is simply for ad blockers to go away. It’s just a tool to stay in power, as it’s easy to frame calmness as more important than fairness nowadays.

There’s no doubt that ad blockers are making a dent in ad revenue. With advertisers putting all of their focus into mobile platforms, the mass adoption of ad blockers has sent them—and content providers— into hysterics. According to Pagefair, there are 309 million people using ad blockers on their phones. This is way past what was being predicted in 2015, but the same growth is seen by advertising, where digital ad spend has topped $100 billion worldwide and shows no signs of slowing.

It’s funny, then, that paywalls, restricted account access, and other schemes are being adopted by major sites. The problem is that their profits aren’t increasing as astronomically as they want them to. Year-over-year, companies are making more profits on mobile phones, yet it’s not enough. One could argue that the lost revenue is rightfully their’s, but users’ voices have yet to be heard in the formation of this still-growing industry. Not only that; ads continue to host malware and exploit kits as well as thousands of trackers.

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