YouTube on Nougat: Our Recommendations

As we’ve previously noted, Nougat’s changes to user certificates has caused Advanced Protection to be less effective than normal. Since it’s our main tool for blocking YouTube ads, users have been disappointed in not seeing the same performance as before when browsing YouTube. We are still investigating ways to overcome this without rooting, but we have found some simple moves that will have an immediate impact.

First, our previous recommendation still applies. Clearing YouTube’s data upon reboots, network switches, and restarting AdClear are essential if you prefer using the official YouTube application. This is admittedly a hassle, and it’s something we don’t want to have our users do for an extended amount of time.

If you are open to switching YouTube clients, we highly recommend ogYouTube. This app  removes the process and allows ad blocking to be seamless. We’re still not 100 percent on Nougat, but users have been delighted with the performance of AdClear in this context so far.

AdClear works with ogYouTube because ogYouTube does not cache ads. By caching ads, Google pulls them up from your own device to show you. If there are other clients that perform in this manner, AdClear should work just as well. Let us know if you find other YouTube apps that work for you!

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