AdClear One Year Anniversary

On December 23, 2015, we launched the first version of AdClear. Now, more than a year later, we’ve improved the app beyond our wildest dreams. On this celebratory occasion, and it being a time of reflection, we want to look back at what the app was, what it’s become, and what it will be a year from now.

The launch version of AdClear was rugged but strong. Built using technology from our award-winning Open Channel product line, AdClear was blocking ads reliably, but ease-of-use features like an on/off switch or filter list weren’t yet available. The SSL certificate (yet to be renamed Advanced Protection) was the first of its kind, and it helped us attract new users early on, which has been the basis for .

As the first few months went by, we were able to build our userbase up on Reddit and XDA-Developers. Having more users was a godsend, as their feedback helped give us direction. From February to May, we changed our user interface, launched a Beta program, added language filters, and renamed Advanced Protection, giving us a canvas to improve and add upon.

Since then, we have completely redesigned AdClear’s code, allowing users to selectively filter Advanced Protection and allowing us to add new filters that synchronize with the app. We’re realizing that ease-of-use features and design are the most helpful things to attract users (who’d have thought?). With that in mind, we have very exciting news to share soon. Stay tuned.

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